Friday, June 5, 2009

doesn't matter

For those of you who are like me (at least how I used to be), Guruji did not look at me, he did not talk to me, he smiled at me, you know he looked at me 3 times today into my eyes, he did not reply to me, he turned his face away....this book newly released in Europe on Gurudev's birthday "Walking the Path" by Frederique Lebelley really helped(me), her experience with our beloved. 

Guruji loves everyone unconditionally, those who appear to be close to him are just people who are just header of the ships to carry forth the knowledge.  and this has been my recent learning even though it is always said and heard a million times, his love is unconditional, experiencing it is something different and understanding it through the head as well, as our feelings always keep changing...  So when you hear people saying you know this/that person is close to Guruji just disregard it as b.s.  Know that you are closer to your Guru, closer than the air near you, the closest possible is the Guru(Guru is nothing but your own self.  Guru, God and Self all one and the same as Amol Shende quoted, he is one of the rock stars of our Satsangs), no one can come in between you and your Guru, always keep this in mind. Jai Gurudev


Anonymous said...

WOW!!...really nice to find ur blog!!! :)

its looks awsumm!!!

Shubha said...

same here...was so happy to see your blog....also to see ur such a lovely pic!!!! very nice posts....keep you...JGD!! :)

Kaushik said...

Wow, gr8 pic! are you into modelling or something? of course, quite deep knowledge. will talk to you soon. take care.

Lots of Love & JGD!

Anonymous said...

nice to see you blogging :)

nands said...

No new posts!!!
You have such a wonderful knowledge to share.
Please keep writing. :)

Amrita said...

Very Nice Post :)
Nice to meet you :)
Jai Gurudev

Dalit said...

There is nothing like guru tatva in action

Jai Gurudev

Wonderful Holi pictures of Guruji. There are some more beautiful pics of Guruji I saw with other saints:

Look here guruji is comparing notes with nityananda paramahamsa. So much of synergy and smile between them. What a great spiritual confluence. Any idea if we can get the knowledge sheet of their conversation. I am sure their enlightened dialogue would be quite juicy and so much secret knowledge.