Sunday, December 14, 2008

Simple formula...

10 - 100
50 - 500
100 - 1000
1000 - 10000

just add a zero the first one is the no. of people needed (target) for a course and the latter are the no. of people to be reached out to. If you want 100 people to do the course just reach out to 1000.

and ofcourse the other thing that helps is Satva (energy from Sadhana and Satsang)

and while choosing a target one should be wise enough not to pick the one which one think is doable/possible, the trick is in picking the one which seems not possible then only there's growth in it and there's higher chance of experiencing Guru's grace to work.

Big courses happen through the level of Satva plus 100 percent work and ofcourse making sure we are on par with the formula... now that we know it, just have to do it.

Jai gurudev

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