Sunday, December 14, 2008

all preprogrammed....

I just completed an advance course in the ashram and all in bliss, nice sunday satsang with Guruji and Rajita Bagga shared her experience of being at the Taj and everyone was listening with all ears.
Nice little experience of mine which happened today just little earlier today. Well i have to mention about a participant in one of the courses, so far the hardest one among the previous 4 courses I took. Class would be going on and i would be talking my sentence wouldn't even have been completed, he would just get up in the middle of
it in front of the entire class and say I want to leave now, I have to go and oh boy you should see him now, you can't believe the transformation. He was planning on attending a vipasana course tibetian form of meditation total 10 days in silence. He had made bookings everything. I just told him why don't you go for this advance course with Guruji in ashram to my surprise he readily agreed, cancelled the other course, immediately booked his tickets and was ready to go by himself, finally it ended up that i also did the course.
Anyway I heard him say to another participant today that he refused to sit in satsang during yes plus and him sitting now in Satsang with Guruji at the Ashram just in 2 weeks.

It is amazing how Guruji has his own ways of bringing people pulling them towards the path, I did not even have to put an effort there just like when the mango is ripe it has to go to the maket. Whoever's time has come, he makes us to just act as an instrument. May be its a very good idea not to waste time over who doesn't want to do the course, instead of arguing and convincing just look for those hidden chosen ones, the real lucky ones. the rest, better luck next time, you guys don't even know what you are missing.

jai gurudev

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