Saturday, October 25, 2008

Ever awaited

Have you ever felt this .... I am sure all would have at some point in their life. The thing which was always in the mind, which wouldn't even consume much time, which feels like its right here and I will certainly do it but have been pushed for later, later and becomes much later, lots of regrets in between for not doing it and finally when it gets done, a sense of achievement as if Mount Everest was climbed and a big sense of relief. Yes that's what it feels like right now to me and the big himalayan job done is started my blog finally...... yes finally it feels good but still not ready to let people know about it, I doubt my own writing skills. My guru says, we always doubt the positive and almost never the negative. I hope and wish this is one of those former kinds.

I kept telling myself I shall read the blogsutras and learn proper way of blogging then will start it but you know the best way to start anything is just to start (out of sheer experience) then only it gets done just like how i did today, did not read anything just went ahead with it ......... what's the big deal.

but who knows what I am gonna blog about lets wait and watch even I don't know. jai gurudev.

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